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The mission at Highway Media is to exceed the expectations of every client by developing a video campaign which fits perfectly within their marketing agenda.

We usually prefer that our videos and work do the talking, but since you're here we will list just a few interesting facts about Highway Media.

Throughout the entire process, we will work closely with your team to help create the most effective brand strategy focused video possible. Our services include all aspects of production - ranging from the script writing & development, to editing your project and adding music, special effects, and more - throughout the entire range of the project.

We've been established since 1987, and take pride in our hundreds of videos which showcase our quality, creative, and first class service.

Industrial Videos Around Novi MI

Creative Promotional Video Services in Metro Detroit

For 30 years, Highway Media has produced promotional, corporate, website, and sports videos for nearly two thousand clients including Major League Baseball, CVS Pharmacy, and the State of Michigan. Located in Canton, Michigan, we provide creative promotional video marketing services for any business looking to grow their marketing efforts.

Our video marketing services will:

  • Increase your brad recognition while conveying industry leadership
  • Differentiate you from your competition by providing engaging visual information that showcase your competitive edge
  • Increases online visibility opportunities to reach first page results in big search engines

Professional Sports Video Services Novi

Our promotional video options include sports and entertainment videos for all levels. From local games to sports resumes and even Major League Baseball, we demonstrate quality sports video techniques by taking a narrative look at who you are and provide an engaging, creative visual that captures just that.

Corporate & Industrial Videos

Video is used for many purposes in today's business promote, inform, entertain, educate and so much more. Regardless of your industry, video can provide an incredible impact on your business. If you want to provide a narrative video of who you are, a message you want to share, or maybe an award you won, our team can provide a story-driven message that will deliver your message in a unique, creative fashion.

Website & Promotional Videos in Novi

Video is the most powerful tool to promote your business...period! Use it on your website to outperform all other marketing tactics. Video marketing increases the duration that a person spends on a web page. Your targeted visitors will remember what they saw and heard - unlike other marketing methods. Website videos can be the best way to present your products, services, and explain how they work and make you different.

At Highway Media, we strive to develop creative and effective brand strategies using the powerful medium of video. Our services include all aspects of promotional video production, ranging from script writing and development, to editing your project with music, effects and more. For full-service sport, corporate, and website video marketing services, contact us today!

If you're interested about how our industrial videos services could benefit you, don't hesitate to contact us today! It's no surprise that Novi trusts us for all their industrial videos needs. We'd love to hear from you!

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